Q&A session at Spring St Campus – many many questions!!

So, the session we had at Spring St was more chaotic than the one we had at Reservoir Neighbourhood House. Again, we started with brainstorming questions, but this time we dived straight into responding before the full list had built up.

06 May at Spring Street

Airdrop – what is it and how does it work?

Much of this session focussed on Airdrop, as many of you wanted to experiment and get hands-on with it. We tested out sending photos and documents from one iPad to another.
  • How do we know what number is our ipad? We did work this out .. it’s engraved on the back:
    • Yvonne (29) Nilanthi (30) Catherine (73) Anna (Da Young) Chris Mo (24) Anna B (75) – all working
    • Belinda (31) – her ipad is very very slow
  • can we airdrop from google drive?
    • answer, possibly yes, but it’s a bit complex
Evaluating airdrop as a way to share documents with students in the classroom:
  • NB: airdrop is problematic:
    • takes a while and not always responsive – is it because the file size is huge?
    • you only get a second or two to accept – this could be trouble in a classroom!!
    • you need to work out who has which iPad, and then track who managed to save the document.
  • Can we change the settings to make airdrop last longer?
    • seems like NO is the answer to this.


Is there a better way of sharing documents?

What about this:

  • Create a folder in google drive, and share it with your students
  • Then put any documents in the folder.
    • You can share it specifically with the student email addresses that go with the iPads,
    • or share it with their real email addresses,
    • or you could make the folder open “to anyone with the link”


Other questions: Audio recordings

  • Nilanthi uses My Memos – can no longer rename the files
  • Recorded sessions in mp3:
    • Belinda has emailed to herself, and wants to upload to google drive. How to save to gdrive from gmail?
  • Michael uses Voice Record, which allows you to upload to drive directly
  • Bugs: Catherine found later on that QuickVoice wasn’t letting her upload to google drive. But, we found a workaround:


Gmail contacts:

  • creating a list (yvonne) – lists don’t carry across to the ipad app!!
    • we don’t have an answer for this yet.. anyone?


Libby’s survey for iPad skills

  • Do you know how to print from the iPad?
    • We think Fraser has set up at Merrilands but not at Spring St yet.
  • Multitasking gestures – look in the system settings to find a list.
  • What about making folders to organise your apps
    • Yvonne showed people how to make folders for app icons on desktop.
  • Change background on the screen?


Google drive

  • How do we put something on the drive?
    • on the iPad, look for the Share icon
    • “open in” google drive => prompts you to “save in” google drive
  • How to copy a file from dropbox to google drive?
    • We worked this one out on the spot
    • again, look for the Share icon,
    • then “open in” google drive


Presentation software

  • How to get student presentations onto the TV? Students can also send to Airplay.
    • How to get a copy of student presentation? Airdrop, or email.
    • Q: why doesn’t keynote share to google drive?
    • A: it does: see this post.
  • Faye was experimenting with student presentations in her class. She needed to


PD register

  • Can we see the record of what we’ve done?
    • Lauren and other coordinators have changed the way the PD register works. Now you tick the box that says something like [send me a copy of my response], and the email that comes to you lets you change your response.
    • Coordinators are still working on a way to get the full record of what you’ve done, however.



  • What about picture layout
    • why does it look different in google drive?
  • text wrapping and grouping images

Image and photo credits: licensed under creative commons: Thanks very much: Juhan Sonin at flickr (CC-BY).

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