Copy a presentation file from iPad to laptop

Faye, one of the amazing teachers at PRACE, got her students to make slide presentations using Keynote on the iPads.

  • The students showed their presentations on the big screen with Airplay, 
  • and then sent their files to Faye via Airdrop. 

Then we wondered how to get all those presentation files from Faye’s iPad to her laptop.

One way to do this is to share the Keynote file with google drive.. you can then get to the files on your laptop or desktop, at in the web browser.

This is the first video screencast I’ve attempted with only visual cues, no voiceover. What do you think?

  • Too fast, too slow? 
  • Is it clear, or too obvious?

Many apps on the iPad allow you to share your files somehow, eg:

  • via email
  • via a cloud storage thing like dropbox, google drive or skydrive (microsoft)
  • between different apps.
How could you extend this knowledge to different apps? 
How would you use presentations in class with your students? 

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