3 thoughts on “The nature of hope

  1. I’m often tore between presenting the best face of economics and politics (in order to be encouraging) and a more realistic picture: e.g., you’re statistically more apt to die in a motor vehicle accident on the way to the polls than you are to change the outcome of an election.

    It’s not exactly half-empty / half-full stuff. It’s more, “The glass is half full… but it might not be safe to drink.”

    Best wishes

    1. Hi Wendell, thanks for your messages. i know the feeling of being divided between optimism and cynicism. Sometimes i’ve been cynical in a intended-to-be-humorous way, only to realise that the students are way more cynical than i am, but without the humour. Oops.

      Sorry about the scowling pumpkin head.. i think there is some way to change it, but it might involve logging into wordpress.com, or maybe me adding a plugin.

      kind regards, michael

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