Holographic, networked interfacing?

The POV wearable computers in my earlier post had me thinking about how technologies might be integrated more closely with human bodies in future. Not only portable, but wearable.

i stumbled upon a TED talks video which demonstrates a new wearable computer-like device. Camera and projector work together with your phone to create touch screens anywhere, linked in with the “hive mind” (portable projection).

.. or you can download it yourself from their site.

Fantasy and technology continue to converge.

In this charming “World Builder” video, a man builds a world out of nothing, using controls that pop up magically in his hands. (It’s worth watching til the end.) Could this be how we control technologies in the (not-too-distant) future?

World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo.

i found the World Builder via Sean Fitzgerald, a brilliant e-learning leader and podcaster who loves games like Open Sim and Civilisation (i think).

.. also referred to by Stephen who focusses on the extraordinary levels of creativity enabled by “portability, diversity, sharing, and expression” (which are in turn enabled by emerging technologies).

Reminds me also of the amazing new touch screen technology from Jeff Han (also on TED) .. which is now more a part of everyday life thanks to the iPod Touch and its many relatives.

I wrote about that one on my b.log in ’07. Here’s the video again if you haven’t seen it.

More and more, we’re moving away from the limited understanding of a computer interface being keyboard + mouse at a desk.

Can’t wait.

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