POV camera .. meets Taser !

Great initiative via Leigh Blackall over in Otago, NZ. He and Michael and Alex have been experimenting with a wild new concept known as the Point of View (POV) camera. Worn on glasses, or on a head torch, the gadget allows you to video exactly what you’re doing, hands-free.

Not sure whether it has audio recording built in yet. (Check: yes it does.)

What also caught my eye (and my similarity radar) was an article on Wired, where the law enforcement agencies are investigating similar options .. a wearable computer, with head-mounted video camera. This gadget is a full computer, running Linux, with enough disk space to store all the video from one day. (double check that, eh?)

Given the Wired headline, “Don’t Tape me Bro“, i’m including the mashup video from ’07: “Don’t Tase me Bro” .. a classic multimedia news remix.

ooh. $590. Perhaps not this week.


Extra Link: speaking of mashups: an earlier session: Jo Kay on the MashUp.


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