ESL teacher uses "Online Banking" resource

Inspiring adventures from Dale Pobega of Duke St community centre in Sunshine Victoria, who has recently started using blogger to engage and educate his English as a second language (ESL) students.


Great to see Dale using the tremendous resource “Online Banking“. This resource came out of Olympic Adult Education about 6 years ago, and remains one of the best online resources for adult numeracy.

There’s a few broken elements on the site (eg the bulletin board no longer exists, and the sim bank doesn’t work).. but much of it works as intended. You can also still order the accompanying booklets from Olympic Adult Education (i think, via this page).

While you’re following Dale’s ESL blog, look out for the way he uses Voxopop with his students.. very encouraging use of a good technology.


Question for readers: what’s the best numeracy resource you’ve found online?




photo credit: (creative commons at flickr) Thanks: Kevin Steele.

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