Can You Hear Us? New project launch ..

Thrills and spills !!

What a lovely group of people we’ve got for the new PRACE research project into audio technologies: “Can You Hear Us?”

We’re building on the successes of the 2007 “Can u hear me?” project, and last Thursday was the launch day. These sessions are always nerve-wracking and you never feel quite prepared enough, but we dived in and the water was warm! Plenty of ideas flowing around the table, and of course everyone is at different levels of knowledge and experience.

First session was about creating some excitement for the journey ahead: we started off by recording conversations directly to the iRiver mp3 recording gadgets .. and i’m about to listen back, to find out how adventurous people were in their conversations.

Now why can’t i get this photo dropper plugin to work!?
No, definitely not working. All my plugins are playing havoc. Grr.

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