Exploring online surveys

We had such a great group session in February. I love it when – in spite of the session plan – people make it really clear that they’re interested in something different. From the teacher survey I’d sent around, it seemed that people were most interested in digital storytelling and recording student voices. So we started the session by looking at this teacher survey, a combination of online form and spreadsheet containing the results. And boom! People were suddenly interested in the possible classroom application of this kind of software. Read More …

Jane Hart’s top100 technologies for teachers

Jane Hart has been researching teachers’ favourite technologies for teaching and learning for the past 5 years (UK). Here’s a slideshow of the world’s top 100 tools for learning (2011). What are your top 5 tools for learning? You have around 15 days to vote in the 2012 poll, via this link here. What do you think of the list? Please add your comment below. Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011 from Jane Hart