Book reviewed!! (Digital Literacies by Lankshear & Knobel)

Finally! i’ve ploughed my way through Lankshear & Knobel’s “Digital Literacies: concepts, policies and practices.” (2008) Yes i’ve been reading it all year, but the final onslaught took me 4 days of sitting inside, during my holiday from work.. when the springtime sun was shining outside. How do i always manage to forget that academic reading can be horribly difficult!! If you’re out of practice, you need to diligently take notes on every page.. or you may as well not have read it. Anyway, it’s done now, handed over to Read More …

New Game: "Keyboard Crazy"

Here’s an example of the world of technology emerging into the classroom. The BBC reports on a new game called “Keyboard Crazy”, which is a physical, on-the-table game, instructing people in the position of letters on a computer keyboard. Educators in Britain seem to be impressed by this commercial product, judging from a review from the Basic Skills Agency. One teacher claims it helps people learn “mental literacy” (as distinct from your physical, instinctive literacy?).