PageTurners has a new online shop

Just sent out the latest PageTurners newsletter, letting people know that the new shopping-cart style website is up and running!! It’s taken me much time this year to get the site all updated and e-commercey, so i’m very happy that we’ve finally launched. Woot. You can read the newsletter here. Take a look at the site, tell us what you think. Oh, we need a feedback form don’t we. If you’re not subscribed to the PageTurners email list, you can join via the website.

PageTurners has now launched series 7

Very exciting news – PRACE PageTurners has just launched its 7th series of books for adult learners, and we’re about to launch a new shopping-cart style website as well.. stay tuned! Some great stories in this collection, about a missing dog, a woman who crosses the world to realise her dreams, a mysterious car crash in the desert, and a drink machine that seems to have evil intentions.

More voice-overs for PageTurners (via Soundcloud)

So, as well as embedding voice-overs into the PageTurners website, i thought there must be a way that other people could embed the stories in their own sites as well. Sure enough, these days there are a few different ways to do this. One i’m trying out now is via Soundcloud. Woo-hoo! It works. But does it work in the land of iPad? Okay, back to editing the audio originals. Ned Kelly next, by Anne Dunn.

Red Dog, the PageTurner

Anne Dunn wrote a story called “Red Dog” a few years ago for the PageTurners series of books for beginning adult readers. I don’t know why she’s not getting any royalties from the movie. Apparently someone else wrote the same story for a different audience. Anyway, both books are based on the true-to-life story of a dog who travelled the highways of Western Australia for many years. This dog would hitch a ride quite regularly. This is one of my favourite PageTurners stories, and i’ve heard the movie is good Read More …

PageTurners, series 4 out now!

Very exciting news! PageTurners series 4 has arrived. Anne Dunn, Chris Malakar and Moira Hanrahan have done it again, produced a delightful collection of funny and engaging stories for beginning adult readers all around the world. My personal favourite stories in the new series 4 are: Can you read this? – about a woman returning to learning, Tooth Fairy – about a woman in a retirement home who loves to be helpful, and Red Dog – a true story about a wandering dog in Western Australia. The fun part Read More …