image labelling game

An interesting idea from Google: they want to improve the quality of their knowledge about online images, so they create a game, the "Image Labeler". Could be difficult to play when people have serious spelling issues, but could be fun for others ..

Essentially the program matches you up with another person (you may play as a guest), and you both add words to describe each image, until you come up with a match. This gives the search engine more information about the pictures it has found. Matching two strangers is a way to ensure they get the right information, by drawing on people's competitiveness. Clever.

Student Blogging, (efl/esl)

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Adult learners are starting to get into Self-Publishing (aka blogging).

and Barbara Dieu, a Brazilian educator, has set up an Exchange for ESL students around the world. With two colleagues, she has found a way to gather and re-publish the writings of students who have blog journals in their ESL classes.

(This re-publishing is known as ‘aggregation’.)

The site is called Dakita (i don’t know why), and the collection of student writings you’ll find in The Orchard (or The Exchange). Worth a look, especially if you’re thinking of using blogs in class.

.. michael

"Bio-cube" and other ideas

Bio Cube screen grab

Wow! Take a look at this collection of flash writing tools from Read Write Think dot org

i’ve only tried the “Bio-Cube” so far, but was impressed when the printout revealed an actual cube that the student can cut and glue into the shape of a cube.