Live web conferencing – the skills you need to facilitate a session

Last year, a few of the Victorian LearnLocal e-learning mentors put our heads together to think about the skills that people need when they want to run a live web conferencing session. I think it’s really crucial, if you’re thinking of running a live web conferencing session, to get as much help as you possibly can. We came up with the ideas in this document below.

How to create a "session exit URL" for Blackboard Collaborate

Warning: specialised technical info relating to web conferencing in Blackboard Collaborate: Don’t know how many people will find this useful, but Leo just asked if i knew how to do this, so i made a quick visual help file. Yes, unfortunately you’ll need to do this for every session you set up. Unless someone else knows how to create a default exit URL. Here’s a link to the PDF file hosted at google docs.