Some help files for blogger

Here’s a basic intro that Michael made – for low level students really (link: pdf stored in google drive). GCF LearnFree don’t have an intro to blogger, but they do have a great section talking about blogs in general, and an intro to Tumblr instead. Tumblr is much more visual than blogger, which can be text-heavy. Google themselves have a fairly decent help section. Grovo has a few videos showing the basics, including this overview. But they’re a commercial mob, and they’ll want you to pay for more. What good Read More …

How to create a "session exit URL" for Blackboard Collaborate

Warning: specialised technical info relating to web conferencing in Blackboard Collaborate: Don’t know how many people will find this useful, but Leo just asked if i knew how to do this, so i made a quick visual help file. Yes, unfortunately you’ll need to do this for every session you set up. Unless someone else knows how to create a default exit URL. Here’s a link to the PDF file hosted at google docs.