e-mentors share their insights, aka "Who wants to be a mentor?"

This Friday morning (9am i think) at Converge10, the Victorian e-mentors and champions are presenting under the banner of “Who wants to be a mentor?” Here’s an audio presentation we’ve put together (using voicethread), with plenty of rich insights into the program, and into the whole process of integrating e-learning into program delivery. Great to see a lot of participation from people in the project. Currently in a dress rehearsal for the big day. This voicethread is an added resource, with the aim of adding to our live presentation.

Workshop at Converge (Can You Hear Us?)

Reflections on the session for Can You Hear Us? .. at the Converge08 e-learning conference (5Dec). The workshop went reasonably well. Really interesting people in the room, and many of the people there had used some kind of audio technologies .. including Skype, language laboratory setup, Wimba voice boards. i came up with a kind of jigsaw / find your partner activity, that i think went well and was fun. (Each person opens a wiki page with instructions for what to do. Eg some people have to wink .. and Read More …

Conversations in ACE: New ways to get audio and video online

Have recently been working with the Conversations in ACE conference, Eastern Metro Region of "Adult Community and Further Education" (ACFE). Kerrin Pryor was presenting on her research into "New Literacies", where they are using "Squeeze Text" (or mobile SMS language) to explore literacy for young people.

Digital Storytelling in the South Grampians

Here at the Eureka! e-volutions in e-learning conference, Ballarat, Vic. an interesting presentation from the South Grampians adult education centre – who have been using digital storytelling as a way to engage their students in the 'disaffected youth' program. "Low literacy levels" are a major issue with the group, and the teachers have found the power of using images and voice to reconnect people with learning.

LERN conference in Havana

Back from Cuba .. Well the LERN Conference in Havana was very exciting, very hot, and filled with whispers of radical dissent. What a lovely flavour! 600 delegates full of good ideas. Michael Apple’s keynote was definitely the highlight, setting the tone for the rest of the conference. He railed against the rise of the ultra-conservatives, and urged us educators to get fighting. Mary Kalantzis told us the reason for choosing Cuba – the country has very high indicators on all the UN tests for educational development. (A nation with Read More …