Skills you may need (blogging)

What are the the basics of blogging?

  • make new blog, with title & web address (URL)
    • hopefully at a time when google is not policing your IP address
  • make new post 
  • add & format text
  • add images
  • make links
  • save draft / publish
  • get people interested in reading your blog post

knowledge you may need

Ideas for engaging learners with online activities. 
Ideas for adapting your already brilliant teaching and learning knowledge into online spaces. 
On writing for the web 
  • keep it as visual as possible 
  • make your text very “scannable” 
  • eg use bullets 
    • (maybe a bit less than i do in this post)

  • package the info into manageable chunks. 


  • embed video & other web app things, eg forms & surveys
  • tinker with your layout
  • add “gadgets”, eg rss feed & other blogs
  • get people to comment on your blog post
Photo by Gary Hayes, Descending Clouds – cc-by-nc-nd (creative commons at flickr).

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