Compile student work into a booklet they can take away

Pages from Carmela’s students’ Recipe Book
Create a book from the students’ work. 

Here’s a good story for the end of the year. Carmela just came into the office and showed us all the booklet she’s compiled from her students’ writing and multimedia work.

Carmela’s students wrote up their recipes and took photos when they made each dish. Carmela then compiled the recipes and photos into a publication that students could take away with them at the end of the year. 
The technology they’ve used includes: 
  • Microsoft word, 
  • digital camera, 
  • file management, 
  • cooking equipment.

Printing tip:

  • if your publication has a multiple of 4 pages,
  • you can print “booklet” style like a real magazine 
  • (if your photocopier printer lets you), 
  • then fold and staple in the middle.
I once met an adult literacy teacher at a conference, a guy from Geelong. He used to structure his courses around building books, magazines, ‘zines with his students. Each student would have one page to do anything relating to the topic of the week. Every week, they would all leave with a book compiled from the whole group’s work. The students could choose to use technology, or they could use any kind of collage, pencil work directly on the paper. 
This is also a strategy that Carmen Harris from Yooralla has employed with her adult literacy students. Some of the students even sell their work in the zine store downstairs on Flinders St. You can listen to an interview with Carmen over on the North-West e-mentor blog from 2013.
Photo by Nick Sherman, Spartan Duplicate (creative commons at flickr).

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