What apps do you use for image work?

Good discussion on the ACE Network Ning, started by Lynne Gibb the e-mentor for Eastern Metro Region.
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Like Lynne, I used to be a big PaintShop Pro fan, as i had a free licensed version from one of the computer magazines. Now I use XNview for browsing through my image collection, and also for those times you have to quickly re-size, adjust colours or optimise an image for the web. [Here’s my video screencast about it.]

Screenshot captor is my choice for screengrabs (similar to Carole’s Snipping Tool.) I’ve loaded it in my dropbox apps folder and set it to auto-start on all the windows machines.

I’ve used The Gimp, when i was on a mac & couldn’t access xnview or macromedia fireworks. Takes some getting used to, but it will do most of the things you need. Free and open source, you can run this as a portable app too.

Screencast-o-matic is the tool i use when i want to make a video screencast. It runs in Java, which can be trouble-some, but the web-based app now has a desktop version. [Here’s my list of video screencasts.]

Other apps & sites i’ve used and enjoyed include:

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