New e-learning mentor projects underway

Exciting news. The next round of Victorian ACE / LearnLocal e-learning mentor projects (aka “e-mentor”) have begun. Projects are conducted according to adult education regions around Victoria**.

And because each regional mentor team has their own online presence such as a blog or wiki, we’re looking for ways to tie all the headline threads together. So i’m conducting an experiment with a Yahoo RSS joiner called “Pipes”. Here’s a scrolling feed of the latest headlines. Now to see if i can display multiple headlines without scrolling…

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I’ve also written up the North-West experience over at our “North-West Cafe” e-mentor blog. More details over there.



oh how i bled for this particular piece of art...** (While we still have the old regional system, that is. News has arrived that next year Victorian adult community education is to be divided into only 4 regions, with one-third of the staff. Naturally only people with secret invisible powers of government bureaucracy can see the sense in this. The rest of us think we may have an insane government in power. Somebody wants to destroy the Adult Community Education (ACE) sector apparently. Especially in rural and regional Victoria.)








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