Get student feedback with google forms

For the first stage of our project evaluation (the “flexivet” project for flexible delivery in ACE), we had paper-based evaluation forms. This was fine.. until i realised it meant i would be the one to input the data into a spreadsheet. Yawn.

So i’ve set up a form at google docs.. which inputs directly into the spreadsheet. We’ve embedded the form on the student wiki, and linked to it from all over the place.


Just a couple of problems..

google form embedded in wiki

1) Several students don’t realise they haven’t fully completed the form.. because the big red “You Haven’t Finished Yet” sign appears at the TOP of the form, a couple of scrolls up from where they submit. So all that feedback gets wasted.

Made a note near the “submit” button to let people know. Hope the language is accessible enough for English as a second language (ESL) learners.

google form.. add comment for visitors

2) Can’t seem to delete test responses from the hidden internal records that the google form is keeping in the background. Yes i’ve deleted test rows from the spreadsheet.. but they seem to stay in memory. Hmm.

Anyone have the answer to this one (2)?

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