e-mentors set to soar

New toy!Amazing work from the network of Victorian ACE e-mentors. Each (ACE) region across Victoria has one (or 2) mentors to support teachers and organisations learning to develop their plans for e-learning at strategy and classroom levels.

On Friday there were demonstrations of “all things google” – how to chat with gmail, how to synch your google calendar, use the reader for following student blog feeds .. set up groups and sites, use the gmail app for your domain. (Coach Carole, Michael Gwyther, Sarah Phillips)

.. and a session on gadgets including the flip video camera (Lynne Gibb), the sanyo (not sony) xacti video cam (Jo Norbury), the LiveScribe digital audio pen (that link points to Alan Levine’s story about LiveScribe). i mentioned my intelli pen at that point but it doesn’t match Lynne’s live scribe for brilliance..

“Doesn’t yet match” i should say.. the intellipen has a microphone built in, but the firmware doesn’t use it yet. If it would record audio, it could be superior, because it writes on any paper and uses standard pen refills. The LiveScribe books are $30 each, on top of $250 for the pen – which doesn’t work without the special books.

Jo also showed us a sweet little data projector that fits in your pocket (Visimax). Nice work.

What i loved most about the demonstrations, was the way everyone whipped out their video cameras and documented everything !! Here’s Carole and Lynne taping Jo as she shows us the tiny data projector (above).

Plus, Jo showed us how to add extra video and flash capacity to microsoft powerpoint, using a software application called iSpring.

Lots of new ideas. How fun !! Thanks to all the e-mentors, and congratulations to Josie for continuing to build such a vibrant and strong network of amazing people.

PS: my screencast on using google bookmarks in iGoogle is on my wikispace.

AND: Coach Carole wrote about the day on her Baranduda Blog too.

PLUS michael gwyther shared his video of Lynne and her smart pen, in the ACE e-learning network Ning.. i wonder if i can embed the video here, or if you need to login:

Find more videos like this on ACE e-learning network (Login Req’d)

Seems to be working.. the ACE e-learning Ning network (join us) doesn’t keep everything completely private. But wait there’s more!! Lynne uploaded her video of Jo demonstrating the mini-projector:

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Amit Gupta

One thought on “e-mentors set to soar

  1. Hi Michael – nice blog, Soooooooooooo…….its down to ‘Mine is bigger than yours or should I say better than yours’ is it???? lol. Seriously, you are right. if the Intellipen becomes intelligent (ROFL) it will certainly outstrip the Smart Pen in both price and usability. Much better that it uses ordinary paper. I really enjoyed the day and learned heaps. We are lucky to have such a lot of talented people in our network.
    PS The photo of us videoing Jo is a hoot! Very true – we did whip out our cameras to seize the moment, thus demonstrating the way our cameras can catch all the moments especially the flipcam with videoing and so easy to upload – great for using with students as well.

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