3 free worksheet generators for the classroom

Work horses of Shkodrai admit, when i was teaching adult literacy last year, sometimes project work was too much work, and we resorted to literacy worksheets. People responded well, because they felt it matched their needs for less complex, more focussed activities.

So i relied on a few websites to do the production for me. i’d take the current theme’s vocabulary list, and build up a collection of worksheets. Students can then choose which ones to do. Here are the main sites i would use:

  1. Worksheet Genius – on this site you can customise your content .. then print off a worksheet, eg wordsearch, anagrams, acrostics, bingo sheets. Use their vocabulary lists or put in your own.
  2. AtoZ teacher Stuff – this site has some generators including word shape / vocabulary match which i’d been looking for.
  3. Free printables at SEN teacher – plenty of free and customisable worksheets you can design and download here .. good for low level literacy learners, especially people with more challenging needs; for example the vocabulary image search tool, which creates a page of illustrated vocabulary using google images.

i thought of this again the other day when Chris came in and asked if i knew a decent wordsearch generator.

That’s a beautiful wordsearch,” says Chris, “the best one i’ve had for ages .. just my (students’) level.”

Yay for worksheet genius !!

What’s your favourite worksheet generator?
(Or would you never insult your students with such a “busy-work” tool?)

PS – I’ve been printing the resultant web pages direct to PdF; that way i can save the sheets for later (using pdfCreator as my printer) .. (and then Foxit pdf reader for printing because it’s faster than Adobe and runs from a portable drive).

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