Snapshots and stories: e-learning ’08

Via Rose on the innovations blog (gone now), found this video (below) showcasing stories from the 2008 e-learning innovations projects. People talking about different tools, such as wikis, web conferencing, scenario based learning, blended learning, using a virtual classroom for companionship and classroom buddies. These are many people i worked with as part of the Flexible Learning Framework’s Community Engagement projects.

Snapshots and Stories: 2008 E-learning Innovations Projects from E-learning Innovations on Vimeo.

All sorts of good stories, including these:

  • Georgina Nou on how they recreated the Alice Springs Telegraph Centre in second life: now students can learn the skills in a safe place, which is good for indigenous people who need practice feeling more comfortable in unfamiliar environments – they can rehearse again and again.
  • Dora and Josie from AMES talk about an ESL student who found her voice and flourished through keeping a journal online (wiki).
  • People from Volunteer Marine Rescue say their project was a “massive catalyst for change in the organisation, in how they deliver training”.
  • Kane Horwill talks about a student who wouldn’t say much in class, but changed to the sort of student who participated more and even volunteered to be a mentor facilitator for their peers the next year.


Which is your favourite story from the video?

PostScript, March 2017: after many years of leading the Australian adult education sector, it looks like is now gone.

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