Yummy Web2 Session

chalki's notes during michael gwyther's eshowcase presentationAt the recent ACE e-showcase, Michael Gwyther from YUM productions gave a great account of how they have used web2 technologies in one of their multimedia courses. Here’s the list of tools they’ve used:

  1. Blog
  2. Social Bookmarks (delicious)
  3. RSS Feeds
  4. Podomatic
  5. Slideshare
  6. Flickr
  7. Video
  8. RSS Feed reader! (Bloglines)

Modified Podcast Logo with My Headphones Photoshopped On

The key for Michael is RSS feeds. As multiple students post their course reflections and assignments to their blog, he is able to read the updates from a single place .. his RSS feed reader.

For a feed reader, i like google reader, but michael prefers bloglines. (There are so many options.)

Whatever works for you and your learners is the best choice!

i liked michael’s comment that when most people hear the word “feed” they think oats and hay.

Here are some of the web addresses michael handed out:

  • Class blog:

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