Help: can we "flexibilise" certificate ii in IT?

Our adult education co-ordinator at PRACE is looking to develop a flexible learning unit for the certificate ii in information technology – ie self-paced with support.

Nikon FEi’ve had a thought to do some kind of blended digital imaging course using web applications and social software. However Robyn Jay says the Cert’s in IT are far too desktop-bound for that, and that we’re better off looking at communications skills or a media unit.

i think we’re going to try and run it past the curriculum managers anyway (because we don’t have those multimedia certificates on our scope).

So here’s a call for help: do you know of anyone delivering the Cert I or II in IT on a flexible learning basis? Or do you know of a good set of resources (on CD or web) that can be used to teach the certificate?

thanks ;-]

Postscript: Maybe (seeking permission now) we can use some of the resources from the old RMIT Learnlinks learning network (Learnlinks), or from the microsoft “unlimited potential” project, or the Truvision toolbox (thanks Chris Sutton).

i’m surprised there isn’t a toolbox exactly tailored to certificate ii in ICT. Maybe it’s just too dull and dry. All those Watsonia and Data Discovery manuals are too expensive for our learners.

Double Postscript: here’s the set of notes i drew up for Ancy with an idea of gathering existing free tutorials (i wonder if i should be keeping this private.)

Creative Commons License photo credit: Posini jauna

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