digital literacies arrives

(oops am i advertising amazon here? You can browse the contents on their site)

Very exciting news for me: a book landed on my doorstep.

“Digital Literacies” edited by Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel. Lynne and Sarah from Valbec’s “Fine Print” very kindly asked me to review it.

The introduction sets out their agenda: Colin and Michele were looking for writers who would expound upon the notion of digital literacies as social practice, because:

  • there is a huge diversity of understandings of “digital literacy”, which has an impact on policy around digital literacy;
  • socio-cultural perspectives on “literacy as practice” are strong and useful, in their conception of literacies in the plural, and therefore we are better off to conceive of digital literacies in the plural; and
  • it will be beneficial to adopt an “expansive view of digital literacies” in the frame of educational learning (p2).

Already it looks an interesting read, especially (for me) the chapters on Mashup and social networking cultures, eg the editors’ own chapter which focuses on the social practices of the world of facebook.


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