Workshop at Converge (Can You Hear Us?)

Reflections on the session for Can You Hear Us? .. at the Converge08 e-learning conference (5Dec).

The workshop went reasonably well. Really interesting people in the room, and many of the people there had used some kind of audio technologies .. including Skype, language laboratory setup, Wimba voice boards.

i came up with a kind of jigsaw / find your partner activity, that i think went well and was fun. (Each person opens a wiki page with instructions for what to do. Eg some people have to wink .. and then team up with the other people who are winking. Example page on the site.

Each team then discussed the merits of particular technologies, and how they might adapt each one to their own classrooms. (technologies included: voicethread, skype, voki and screencasting)

But we really needed an extra activity .. for example running a quick vox pop through audacity, or testing the Chinswing voiceboard as a whole group. i had the microphone and the long cable all ready, but didn’t think we’d need it. In retrospect i can see exactly where it would have fitted well.

Here’s the presentation from the day:

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: converge08 (ace))

image and photo credits: licensed under creative commons at flickr: Thanks very much: Grant Neufeld

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