mmmm .. AutoText brings me typing bliss

“language and literacy”

Oh the joy of writing those words!

i should say, the ease and simplicity of writing three words, with only three keystrokes. i write those words all the time, so i need a way to do it more easily.

I have found the magic of “Auto Text” …

old stories by Ric e Ette at flickr1) i key in double-L, and then
2) the full stop / dot / period key.

My autotext program (AutoHotKey) does the rest.

Three keys, to write 21 characters. mmmmmmmmm

Surely you’ve used – or at least heard of – AutoText, the keyboard feature in ms word; that lets you program a range of your most-used vocabulary, and provide shortcuts for each? Well, if you haven’t you’re missing out, because it makes life easier especially when you’re writing long documents with enormous and frequently used phrases.

Caps Lock is AWESOME (joke) by catcubed at flickr.. anyway; upgrading to ms word ’03, i discovered i couldn’t import my word 2k autotext shortcuts. Infuriated, i turned to the web in search of greater autotext software.

After experimenting with a few, i dived into AutoHotKey. i found a script to provide autotext across all your writing software, not only ms word! At last, free to use new writing programs.

For another example, i write p- followed by a dot. Preston Reservoir Adult Community Education (PRACE) is what emerges onto the screen. How many times do i need to write those five words (+ acronym), every week? Many many times.

Now, no more.
mmmmmmm. i like AutoHotKey.

(Update: you may be able to use the script i’ve written: except that i can’t seem to upload it. WordPress logs me out if i try. Hang on: Script Here in .ahk format. You’ll need to get the app to make it work. License unclear, but feel free to use it.)

Other assorted programs / articles i found include:

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