Hopes and fears for flexible ACE

Looking back over 2007, it was an extraordinary year, but i rarely had the energy to write here at all. I’d intended to use this place for reflecting on my research readings. i ended up just writing the thesis instead.

One of the best projects in years was “Access ACE“, an investigation into flexible learning in Adult Community Education (ACE). Josie Rose managed somehow to negotiate with all of the regional and central managers at ACFE (the Adult Community Further Education board), and win them over to see the potential benefits for “a clever use of ICT” in ACE.

With the help of Delia Bradshaw, Josie brought in educators from around Victoria, to conduct their own research projects in the classroom.

So that’s the context. There’s plenty more information on these wonderful projects.

The reason i’m writing is because i just found a piece written by me, earlier in the year .. about Hopes and Fears for flexible learning in ACE. This was part of a wider discussion amongst educators and stakeholders.

This is a good time of year to regenerate your dreams for the future, so i’m glad i found this right now .. my favourite lines in the piece?


  • our teaching and learning community intranet is linked from the local library computers, via desktop and CD; we run blended e-learning sessions through local libraries;
  • digital storytelling projects across Reservoir provide local residents with a way to share their stories and connect with each other, bringing laughter and tears into public places;


  • We end up with multiple competing systems, eg moodle, outlook, wordpress, mediawiki, and lack the technical expertise to string them all together;
  • I can’t get the message across;

But the best were my ..

Crazy Dreams

  • small community providers can find a way to access world markets, and boost their income streams through publishing;
  • ace providers join forces to create a broadcasting network, with TV and radio online, where adult learners may discover the joys of using technology to connect with people around the world;
  • ace providers join forces to negotiate a super broadband deal across the nation;
  • a data projector in every room, and laptops for every student becomes the norm for ACE providers across the state;

Yes i still have these crazy dreams .. and more!

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