Web-based resources in the classroom?

social software by leighblackall at flickrI’ve been thinking about this:
How do people use web-based resources in their classroom?

I’m sure the answer is “plenty of different ways”, eg.:

  • Blended Learning: group activities involving discussion around a theme or text, followed up by a link to a web site.
  • Blended Learning: in a face-to-face class, use a digital projector to engage a whole group with web-based learning activities …
  • Ask learners to search for resources and share links (either in a face-to-face group, or in an online course).
  • Provide links in a self-access, or independent learning centre.
  • Provide links in a blog or podcast, asking learners to complete some activity.
  • WebQuests: set up a series of ‘things to find’ on the web, and report back.
  • Research project: more extended web quest, aiming at publishing work in student ‘zine.

Is there any research into this? Must be !!
(thanks Leigh Blackall for the image)

2 thoughts on “Web-based resources in the classroom?

  1. Thanks Leigh ! We had responses from five teachers, and i’ve written them up in chapter seven of the research (7.5d). Would be good to track down additional research on the subject.

    “Although we received only a few responses, their generous details clearly show a diversity of approach between different teachers, from a classroom-based blended approach, to other ideas of using social softwares such as blogs and wikis.

    “The two teachers who described their strategies with particular students, both employed their own additional writing activities; one in the classroom, and the other via online publishing.

    “Two of the four who have used the site with students, had done so via links within Independent Learning Facilities, seeing the site as a resource to be drawn on for a range of purposes.”

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