Projects from the distant past (no longer online) include:

(Beware: broken links.)

map of australia, reworked by michael chalkal-t logo, using images from
Adult Literacy meets Technology network
 (a network to connect adult literacy practitioners across Australia)

Snakes Alive! an online audio book
 from Page Turners. Written by Chris Malakar, illustrated by Moira Hanrahan.. web layout by michael chalk. Currently offline pending conversion to modern html5 format.

Town Beach, Broome, img by michael chalk
English at the Beach
 (Stories and activities for people learning English as a second language (ESL))


cafe entrance by Delia Bradshaw
Delia Bradshaw’s presentation: “A Change of Scene”, also published in Fine Print


Play taken from Addemup, a math game
Research into Games for people with mild intellectual disability
 (A project at PRACE, 2005)

corrugated iron santa in Marysville, conference location
Conversations in ACE Conference
 (The Eastern region of ACFE conference back in 2006. With Josie Rose, i was invited to assist in collecting audio-visuals from the event.)