Junk City demands joy and melancholy

Been listening to Tim and Sam on Castlemaine community radio. They have a delightful session of stories about melancholy and joy, called Junk City. Each fortnight a guest will come on and talk about their top 5 songs in each category, songs that moved you or touched you in some way. Helen’s an artist in Castlemaine, and i loved her choices of Cat Empire, Paul Kelly’s Billy Baxter and yes Tim Deee-lite Groove is in the Heart.

..and now they’ve asked me to join them. The show is coming up: 9:00-11:00 pm AEST Wednesday 21 September. [you can stream live at

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One comment

  1. Goodie gum drops! Can’t wait. And in the meantime I’ll be humming Victims by Culture Club. Ooh lightning! And thunder straight after. (Not a metaphor, it’s really happening.)

    [Editor, mic] hello Sam!!! i know, there’s big rain down here too. Haven’t heard any lightning yet though. How am i going to narrow this list by Wednesday 😉

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